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M&R Capital Management, Inc. provides investment services for all types of investors. Utilizing our broad spectrum of capabilities, we have the ability to create customized solutions for all investment management needs.

Investment Planning

M&R Capital Management, Inc. is a large-cap value and multi-cap value investment firm. We employ proprietary research in identifying securities that are trading at discounts to their underlying values. Therefore, as value investors, our investment strategy is long term in its approach. We expect to hold securities for several years and do so in companies that have strong fundamentals accompanied with a proven history of success within their industry.

College Education Planning

College education planning with M&R Capital is designed to establish a plan for funding the rising costs of higher education. Beginning with determining the educational needs and preferences of each client, our portfolio managers will help you understand the costs and options for educational expenses. M&R Capital will guide you from assessing your options through to successful degree completion.

Prime Funds

PrimeFunds is M&R Capital’s new product line designed with today’s millennial investor in mind. Traditionally, high barriers to entry prevent clients with entry-level income or low savings from accessing market returns. Our PrimeFunds eliminates these barriers with no minimum investment contribution.

Utilizing exchange-traded funds, investors gain access to incredibly diverse, relevant, and tax-efficient portfolios with no transaction costs when purchasing shares. Building off of any small investment, new investors secure a financial foundation that sets the stage for a lifetime of growth.

For more information about PrimeFunds or to speak to one of our Portfolio Managers, please contact us in New York, New York.

M&R Capital offers two custodians for PrimeFunds for the convenience of investors. These are Charles Schwab and Pershing.

To Enroll at Schwab:

Enroll in PrimeFunds through this link. It will take you to the Charles Schwab Institutional Intelligent platform application process, and allow you to open an account. 

Please note, M&R Capital has a program key for this platform, which is VK1Q. This key is required to enroll.

Follow the prompts to open and fund an account.

Clients must have a minimum of $5000.00 to use Charles Schwab as Custodian. Clients with any amount may use Pershing Advisor Solutions, which can be found below.

To Enroll at Pershing:

Please contact our office to email or mail you an application. This may be completed on paper or digitally depending upon the preference of the client.

M&R Capital Philosophy

Disclosure: M&R Investment Management, Inc. (“M&R”) is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Registration with the SEC as an investment adviser should not be construed to imply that the SEC has approved or endorsed qualifications or the services M&R offers, or that or its personnel possess a particular level of skill, expertise or training.

M&R mainly provides investment advice to individual investors. All information provided herein is subject to change. Investment advice and financial planning services are provided by M&R. M&R is not affiliated with any of its custodians including:

Schwab Advisor Services or Pershing Advisor Services.